Firm Overview

What We Do

The attorneys at Kallabat & Associates, P.C., John Kallabat and Jeffrey Kallabat, have provided people in Michigan skilled legal representation for over 20 years. Our attorneys represent clients in different criminal cases.

Our criminal defense lawyers provide you their services at an affordable price and fight not only to protect your driving privileges and keep you out of jail but also to help you achieve financial stability.

How we can help

Our experienced Michigan DUI lawyers have successfully defended thousands of clients against DUI/DWI charges in metro areas. We provide our clients with all the helpful resources, expertise and support necessary for DUI defense.

What do we do for you?

  • Our Michigan DUI Lawyers carefully examine your case
  • Gather all the necessary evidence to support your defense
  • Work with experts to testify on your behalf
  • Negotiate with prosecutors for a lesser charge
  • Analyze all the circumstances of your arrest

If you have been accused of DUI? DWI, then don’t over-pay for your DUI defense. The best defense is the one that will not cost you much and you will get it only from us. So what are you waiting? Call us Now!